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Welcome to the gallery where you can see some of the repairs that have passed through my surgery. This is a new section, so please be patient, photos will be added as soon as I can get the photo's sorted. Anyway, this section is also by no means a collection of all the work that I have done to date, it is simply a few choice examples....

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Martin Whelan's Eggle

Bought from another customer of mine, cosmetic transformation.

Simpo's Danelectro bass

Simpo wanted to convert a 4 string to a piccolo bass.

Gibson body damage

Damage occurred to the edge of the body of this Gibson SG. Unfortunately with a clear and stain finish, it left few cost effective options.

Faulty Inlay on a new acoustic

This acoustic was delivered to Musical LInes of Leek with a faulty would have cost more to return it, then it did to repair it.

Martin Bakers Custom Warmoth Bass

Martin delivered this to me in pieces....I just had to assemble it and get it to play properly!

Ray Walmsley's Telecaster

Ray wanted to modify his tele to take a full size humbucker in the neck position, whilst opting for a Little 59 Humbucker in the bridge position..

Chip's Tom Delonghe Strat

Chip wanted to radically modify his Tom Delonghe strat with a Kahler Flatmount trem and an alternative neck.

Peavey 5 String Bass Defret

The owner of this Peavey 5 String Bass wanted to change it to a fretless. However, as a new player to fretless, he wanted to keep the references of the frets, hence I used a contrasting wood to fill the fret slots.

Ollie's Les Paul Studio

Here's what happens when you let someone loose with housepaint and no restraints...

Wayne Cotton's dropped Ibanez and hard surfaces don't mix too well..the underside split and shattered, chunks were missing....enough to make a grown man cry.

Pog's 70's Explorer

A restoration, rewire, refinish....this was in a bad way having had a trem mounted over the old hardware..

Brian Molyneux's Les Paul

A restoration, refret, re-wire............

Craig Williamson's Custom Les Paul (Kaelen)

Craig sent this to me as a box of parts.....the body had been stripped of it's finish, as had the neck. Craig wanted it refinishing as a tribute to his new born son, Kaelen.

Roger Bell's 25th Anniversary Strat

Roger had tired of the natural finish that had once upon a time replaced the original silver. A plastics change was also on the cards....

Elvis Presley Epiphone

This acoustic was presented with holing to the side.

Nik Holmes Guild - refinish

Nik wanted a more robust finish than the natural wood as it tended to pick up grime easily. A custom bridge plate was also requested as was the addition of a Seymour Duncan bridge pickup.

Neil's JayDee - Route for single coil

Neil wanted the flexibility of an added single coil to the middle position of his JayDee. Combining this with a repsray tidied the whole thing up........

John Brindley's GK2 kit

Tired of the external GK2 kit on his USA strat, JOhn opted for the internal kit to tidy things up.....

Ian Robertson's Gibson Les Paul

This Gibson has had a typical headstock impact causing the headstock to break around the lute....

Gibson SG Bass 1963

Oh dear, this one is an routings for pickups, single coil 'floating' pickup installed, diy rear cavity routing, dulux black gloss paint finish etc......

Andrew Boote's Gretsch

This Gretsch has had a number of Guitar Doctor customisings from the TV Setzer pickups to the capacitor change on the mud switch. Here the top nut is changed for a Graph Tech version in search of improved bigsby performance.

Derek Baldwin's Warwick Bass

This bass, bought by mail order had years of grime built up on the body. A complete refinish and lacquering (to protect the nice clean woodwork) was what Derek ordered.

John Treadwell's Guitar Collection..ongoing

This Carmel Strat was received as a stripped body guitar. There were large circular swirls where the finish had been removed with a sander.....I flatted it with 240/400/600, then sprayed it ice white....see the finished article:

Clem Brassington's Hofner Committee

After 15 years in the loft with the neck under full strung tension, Clem nearly lost an eye when he decided to revisit this Hofner. The neck sprang out of the case like a scalded cat......
The dovetail had swollen somewhat and took some shaping to allow it to settle back into the body, but once it was reset, the two had a happy reunion.

Stuart's Epiphone Les Paul.

When this guitar came to me it had a very high action despite having very worn frets. On closer inspection it showed that the Epiphone had been refretted before, but with soft fretwire, which is why it had so much wear. I removed the frets, reprofiled and treated the fretboard (it was very dried out). I then refretted with Les Paul gauge hard Dunlop fretwire. See pics:

Fernandes Flying V.

This guitar was referred to me via The Rhythm House music shop. The customer required the guitar be sprayed black as it was badly chipped at the edges. As it was a 3 stage pearl finish from the factory it could not be repaired without a complete respray anyway (2 stage pearl finishes can be 'spot' repaired - 3 stage pearl finishes cannot). The customer chose a solid gloss black to replace the white. It was necessary to respray the neck and rear of the headstock as it was a neck thru guitar. The final result was exceptional.

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