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Fret-Tech Guitar Tuition

Hit a brick wall with your playing? Free first lesson! Guitar tuition in all styles - handout sheets given for each lesson.

Call 01782 303081 for details.

Ian Wellington
Tel (01782) 303081.

The Rhythm House Music Store

Musical instruments supplied by musicians - not salesmen! Large stock of new and used equipment. Repair service available.

Call for details
Neil Ogden,
37-39 Hope Street,
Tel (01782) 266897.

Musical Lines of Leek

Suppliers of: Sheet Music, Music Books, Examination Publications, Instruments and Musical Accessories. Stockists of new and used equipment. Repair service available.

Call for details
Carole Knight,
76 Derby Street,
ST13 5AJ
Tel (01538) 398550
The Musical Lines website

Custom Handmade Patrick James Eggle

Handmade Instruments...see for details of this exclusive line of instruments.

Email for further details, or see Dealer page for local stockists.


Note : Patrick moved back to the UK recently and is working for Barnes and Mullins out of Oswestry. I don't have his current details for contact, but watch this space.

Custom Inlay Work from Tri Evans

See for details of services offered from Tri.

Seymour Duncan pickups

Click on the link for details of the amazing range of passive pickups from Seymour Duncan - now available fitted through The Guitar Doctor

An amazing range of pickups for Strat, Tele, Bass, acoustic and Jazz guitars. You name it, Seymour Duncan has it. An impressive list of endorsers such as George Lynch, Jeff Beck, Blues Saraceno and more.....Too many pickups to list here - contact me for further information.
e-mail the Doctor for further details
See the full range at the Seymour Duncan website

Dimarzio pickups

Click on the link for details of the stunning range of passive pickups from Dimarzio - now available fitted through The Guitar Doctor

Fantastic range, fantastic tone passive pickups as used by Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa.......tired of your guitar sounding thinner than Ally McBeal on a diet? Then you need to "zone your tone" and fit Dimarzio's -
e-mail the Doctor for further details
See the full range at the Dimarzio website

Meet some of my friends and customers
- see their personal websites

Mr Will - guitarist extraordinaire and photography genius

Mr Will
and Sarah Miller at a gig in Audlem Church as part of the Jazz and Blues Festival.

Mr Will plays a Heritage Archtop (The Epiphone Emperor is now a back up guitar) with a Fishman transducer bridge and magnetic neck pickup, run to separate amps via a stereo to 2 x mono lead that I made up for him after installing the bridge. Since then I have also modified the bridge by slotting it for a set of 12 gauge strings - and seeing his percussive rhythms against the strings of the guitar, it's just as well it's slotted deeply. Will keeps the bridge floating depsite my wishes to adhere it where it has perfect intonation - it's a jazz thing he tells me. It means that the intonation has to be checked constantly, but he swears it has better tone. Will has recently followed my advice and the bridge has been "fixed" in position so that he can change strings without losing intonation....he got tired of bringing it back after every string change for the intonation to be set....

Long Time Dead

Long Time Dead's Website

These guys are a real talent. I've been repairing and setting up their guitars for some time now, but never saw them play until they supported Clawfinger recently. I came away very impressed...they are really professional and I hope they get somewhere as they have a real passion for their music and they gel really well as a band. Their recorded work, although polished, does not convey the heaviness of the live show, the songs take on a whole different perspective. I'd recommend anyone to catch them live to really see what LTD are all about.

Billy Gibbons - Stray Cat kinda guy

Billy Gibbons

Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson

Roger Bell - Casino

Roger Bell - Casino's Website