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Broken Headstocks

Broken Headstocks repaired from just 30.
This is dependent on the type of break and the condition of the wood. ALWAYS keep the broken piece as without it the repair is not cost efficient. Please bear in mind - all repairs can be made invisible by means of respraying with an opaque colour, clear finishes can be made virtually invisible whilst others will be more obvious if the customer opts for a straightforward repair without the cosmetic finishing.

Top Nuts

New Top nuts and saddles custom made and fitted.
These are available in a variety of materials:
Plastic nut fitted - 15 inclusive.
Bone nut custom cut and fitted - 30 inclusive
Graph Tech String Savers - 500% slippier than graphite - from 15 (ready slotted) fitted, 30 custom cut.
Tusq (man made ivory) custom cut and fitted - 30 inclusive
Graphite nut custom cut and fitted - 30+ inclusive.
Locking trem style - from 25
Roller nut/Brass - please enquire


Plastic saddle fitted - 15 inclusive
Bone - custom fitted from blank - 25 inclusive
Tusq - from 15 inclusive (acoustic), 40 electric
Graph Tech String savers from 15 fitted (acoustic), 40 electric.

Both Tusq and Graph Tech String Savers are very popular replacements as they improve sustain, tone and performance for very little extra investment. Available for most guitars (except Floyd Rose style trem). E-mail me for more information on these excellent products.

New Bridge

New Bridge/Trem system: There are a number of options available with Trem systems from Floyd Rose, Wilkinson, Vintage style, Bigsby style etc Please enquire.
Alternatively, a fixed bridge can be fitted to a trem guitar with bridges from Gotoh, Wilkinson, Vintage style, etc

from 30+parts.

Basic Service

The following collective tasks are available as single procedures, from just 5

General set-up : This service incorporates a basic set-up for your guitar including (where applicable):
Truss Rod adjustment - This process returns the correct profile to the neck and is performed with the neck 'off' (where possible), ridding the guitar of 'buzzing' and 'dead notes' around the centre of the neck (under-curvature) or the excessive gap between the strings and the neck (over-curvature).

Nut / Bridge Adjustment - This allows the strings to rest closer or further away from the frets (according to taste), thus altering the pressure needed to hold down a chord or note.

Action adjustment - Combined with the former, this aids playability of the guitar to personal preference altering the effort needed to hold the string against the neck / frets.

Machine head adjustment - performed on relevant guitars.

Trem adjustment - On electric guitars, this can cause a great deal of problems when set incorrectly, such as inability to stay in tune, notes 'fretting out' (dying as they are 'bent'), strings snapping, etc.

Electrical check and clean - Clean and check electrical circuits, identifying any further problems.

Intonation - Adjust the intonation so that the 12th fret note / harmonic is in tune with the open string. Please note that due to the nature of the beast, guitars vary in their ability to intonate correctly - although the harmonic/12th fret/open string may well be perfect, should you play around the 2nd and 3rd frets you will find that the notes played are not true. This is not a problem for 99% of players as relative tuning remains intact, however studio work will exaggerate this problem. There is only one manufacturer producing guitars with a system that counteracts this problem - Washburn. They have the Buzz Feiten tuning system fitted to many of their models - check for details or if you are losing your sanity with intonation.

Clean & restring - All instruments are cleaned thoroughly, trems lubed and fretboards treated with oil and restrung to the customers requirements (please supply strings where a specific brand is preferred).

Certification - All instruments serviced by 'The Guitar Doctor' are provided with a certificate of workmanship, tips to keep your instrument in good health and 'recommended next service due' notice.

This service costs from just 35 (40 locking trem guitar) with strings (where supplied by me) -
can you afford NOT to have one?

Fret Services

Fret services : These services are available for all fretted instruments and ideally should be combined with a Basic Service for a complete overhaul

Service number 2

Fret dress/grind & polish/reprofile - This process dresses the frets balancing worn frets with those that show lesser signs of wear. The process also returns the 'shoulders' to the individual frets, aiding playability - i.e, the lower frets are dressed to compensate for the higher frets that wear quicker for lead players and visce versa the higher frets are dressed to compensate for the extra wear on the lower frets caused by mainly-rhythm players. This process eliminates dead spots along the neck of the instrument.

Grind & Polish service costs from just
30 (not including price of Service 1 which is a necessity with a Grind & Polish)

Complete Re-fret

Re-fretting - This process involves the complete removal and replacement of all the frets with new (to the customers requirements e.g Jumbo, 6200, 6300, etc), plus reprofiling of the fretboard to factory spec (where necessary) and a dressing / profiling of the frets to ensure complete playability. This process can be applied to rosewood, ebony, lacquered, unlacquered and bound edge fretboards. Please call for a quotation.

Re-fretting costs from just 100
(including price of Service 1)
- Partial Refrets from 50

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