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It just came away in my hand....honest!!

Do you feel like setting your guitar on fire? Need a vise-like grip to hold down a chord? Electrics look like a bird's nest? Pickups with more squeal than a pig farm? Then you need an appointment with The Guitar Doctor. Unleash your potential, have The Guitar Doctor give your instrument a clean bill of health.

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Guitar Services available - Electric, Bass, Acoustic, Electro-acoustic, Classical and Electro-classical

Did you know that production guitars leave the factory with no actual set-up, and in most cases they are not even set-up by the retail outlet that sells the instrument to you, despite this being their responsibility. Very often the shops have neither the staff nor the training to provide this essential service. Ask yourself if you would drive away a brand new car without it having had a pre-delivery inspection, let alone it's first service?

All instruments benefit from a regular general set-up (and in some cases fretwork) as the wood is 'living', reacting to temperature changes with the seasons and the on/off action of your central heating. After all, you've spent a sizeable amount on your instrument, surely you want to get the best out of it. Unlock your instruments' potential and give yourself an easier time playing - call the Guitar Doctor now !

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